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Come join our awana club for kids!!!

Are you looking for a fun club that is passionate about Jesus Christ and the Bible that teaches us about Him?  Then you came to the right place.  AWANA is an international organization made up of local clubs.  The name AWANA comes from 2 Timothy 2:15 "Approved Workman Are Not Ashamed".  During a club meeting your child will experience Bible study, exciting games, music and a chance to earn awards for memorizing passages from the Bible.  Our club closely follows the school year and meets on Sunday evenings from 5PM-7PM.

Tweens and Teens will have a seprate club from the children, Youth Group. The Youth Group is for Grades 7th - 12th Grade. The youth Group will meet in the Activity Center at 5:00PM and the kids club Ages 4 years - 6th grade will start in the Worship center at 5:00PM. The clubs will  rotate through the night on a sechdule, both clubs will end at 7:00PM. The High School teens do not need to register for Youth Group. But we do ask that the 7th - 8th grade tweens register below. We hope you join us in this exciting jounery as we learn God's word together. 

2022/2023 Club year begins August 7th.

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awana faq's

Will there be any COVID-19 precautions in place?

Our goal is to have a safe and healthy AWANA Club for all involved.  We will keep you updated on any changes.

What club should I register my child in?

Cubbies is for our 4 year olds through kindergarten students.

Sparks is for 1st through 3rd graders.

T&T (Truth and Training) is for 4th-6th graders.

Youth Group

Trek is for 7th and 8th graders.

Journey is for 9th - 12th graders

What do I need to pay for?

There is an annual club fee of $10 that covers handbook, uniform and book bag. There is a weekly due of $1 .  You can pay electronically when you register or pay in person on any club night.  Payments can be made to FSBCO, write AWANA in memo line if paying with check.

What if I cannot pay for it up front?

No child will be denied participation for failure to pay.  We can arrange a Delayed Payment plan with you (not to exceed 90 days of the first day of club).  We have a limited amount of scholarship funds available as well.  We only ask that you request a scholarship, full or partial, if you truly cannot pay.  Partial weekly dues are appreciated as well if child cannot pay full $1.

Does my child have to have a book to participate?

Yes, each child needs a handbook. Handbooks are covered by the annual club fee.  Handbook time is the most beneficial time of the club night and it is the best way for you to be involved in your child's AWANA experience. You can help your child learn and complete their handbook sections, which are the most profitable for them spiritually and also the most valuble when it comes to points and awards.  If your child is new to AWANA they will start in book 1 of their club regardless of age, and yes, some children have completed all 3 books in 1 year!

Why does my child need a uniform?

Students are awarded individual points and team points each week for wearing their uniform, bringing their handbook, bringing a Bible, paying dues, game participation and attending church and Sunday School (at any Bible teaching church).  They are awarded 5 points for completing sections in their handbook (by far the most important element of the club).  Most AWANA awards come in the form of badges, pins and jewels that are placed on the clubbers uniform each week awards are earned.  Uniforms and Handbooks are awarded to clubbers when they compete their free entrance booklet, usually in 2 weeks.  Uniforms are covered by the annual club fee.